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ThePigeonMaster's News

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - November 28th, 2018

Leaving this new blog entry just to inform everyone I'm still alive and still hang around here sometimes.

However, I don't have the time to create flash movies anymore since I just got graduated from med school and now I have other priorities.

If I used to talk to you back in the good old days feel free to say hi and I'd really love if you give me a little update of what's going on in your life, whether in a comment or PM :)

Yours truly, Dr. TPM



Posted by ThePigeonMaster - February 6th, 2012

It was truly an awesome one, But let's move on!
Can't wait for the new one :P

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - December 27th, 2011

Again, I never left this place but sure my activity has been slow, due to the reasons I've already explained in the last news posts.

I can't believe I've been here for 4 years. Man, time flies away so fast. I still feel like if it was yesterday when I just created a Newgrounds account just to upload a sprite movie I made haha.
Not to mention that I ended doing a few more back in 2008-2009. I recently found out that they were added into some collections (Thanks Tom for adding my disturbing flash series into the mario collection :D). Maybe I should do a last sprite movie in these days before school starts again.

As for school, it's been pretty good. The second semester was WAY harder than the 1st one, but no matter how hard my career will turn, I still like it. Specially since next semester I start going to take classes in Hospitals :)

Finally, I'd like to say that I hope you guys are enjoying the Holidays. Happy belated Christmas and enjoy the New Year with your family and/or friends :)

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - June 25th, 2011

Just because I haven't posted or deposited any experience in a while (I'm done with the experience, I just love that level icon, lol) it doesn't mean I left Newgrounds. I'm still here but now a little more active since I'm done with school for now.

If you're wondering how I did in the 1st semester of my career, I managed to get through of it pretty well. Though I could have done better, I was just starting.

Here's a picture of a real cranium (or skull) that I borrowed from school because I had to give a class of the Sphenoid bone, in Anatomy. I loved that class but teachers/Doctors just want to make it hard as fuck. Anyways, nobody said getting through a career in medical studies wasn't gonna be easy.

Another update

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - March 29th, 2011

The career of medicine has been fucking awesome to me. Yeah, I rarely sleep because I need to study for the extremely hard exams and because we are the ones who give the class and not the teachers.
It may sound crazy but that learning method works very good with me.

I had to drop out of the EGB because I rarely blam & save now. I still drop here and do at least 1 or 2 genres and icons whenever I really want to relax from studying like crazy, but I got to say this career is very beautiful and interesting. I don't regret in taking the decision of studying medicine.

I still have to go through a very long and hard way if I want to get the tittle of Dr. but I don't care if I have to spend 6 years (or even more) studying, studying and studying, my classmates are awesome people and the teachers are funny as hell (but still extremely strict with us).

Now I gotta go to study anatomy because I have exam of that in this saturday...

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - January 9th, 2011

For those who don't know, I start my career in med school in January 24 which it means that I have just 2 weeks of freedom left.

Since the career will consume most of my time I guess it's a semi-bye to some of my real life and my activity on the internet. I'll try to drop by sometimes, I mean, I just love spending my free time surfing the web. But getting a career in medical studies has been my most desired dream since I was a little kid and I'll just want to follow it. I'm sure you will agree with me.

For now, let's just enjoy these 14 days :)

2 weeks more and I'll give another step in my life

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - December 28th, 2010

Just because I stopped posting in the LUL, and in the BBS... It doesn't mean I left ;)
And to the few people that added me in AIM, I formatted my PC some months ago but I've been too lazy to reinstall it again :P

Just to make sure you guys don't think I'm gone.

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - October 30th, 2010

In my last blog I talked about stereotypes, now I'm going to express my thoughts about a big and stupid stereotype related to some musical genres.

In the last blog I didn't complain anything, but this time I just have to do it. I hate when a familiar or an adult says that I shouldn't listen to X music because I may end being a drug addict, a criminal or something even worse. I mean, What the fuck? Just because some groups tend to consume drugs it doesn't mean we have to do it. Sure, I know that some people start consuming them because if X group does it, I would be cool like them if I also did it. But that's not the point of this.

Genres like heavy metal, hard rock, rock n' roll are very popular these days, I also enjoy a couple of songs by SOAD, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Reel big fish. Not to mention like classic one such as Deep Purple and Kiss. Those bands and genres I mentioned are legends of music but I can't stand people saying they made a deal with the Devil, they have subliminal messages that fuck up your mind, if you listen to X song you'll end being a troublemaker, X band is a bad influence to the youngsters... Bad influence my ass. I gotta admit that I'm not myself a metalhead but I'm against to those unfair accusations and myths about certain music genres. And, as I mentioned before, I do enjoy a couple of songs.

I've always liked listening to music and learning to play some instruments such as the electronic keyboard, flute and the acoustic guitar. I also have made some tunes on FL studio and uploaded them to the Audio Portal. I do enjoy to create anything that is related to music. Heh, I even did some YTPMV's in the past. I do like all of the musical genres, I enjoy listening to Mozart, Beethoven, The Beatles, Queen, Daft Punk, Guns n' Roses, the ones I mentioned before and even more... Except reggeaton, that genre sucks ass to me now because all of the songs talk about money, sex and girls ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I just got tired of it.

What I'm trying to say is that music is music, no matter what. And even if the lyrics of a song talks about the Devil and that stuff, I just don't give a shit about it. Listening to bands like Iron Maiden won't make me a criminal or make me sell my soul to the Devil. Period.

If people decide to be anarchists, sell their souls to the devil, start consuming drugs just because the lyrics of a song talk about them then it's their problem.

What does TPM think about: Metal & Rock as a "bad influence"

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - October 15th, 2010

I love to share my thoughts and opinions about anything. That's why I've decided to create this blog series about interesting topics.

I will make them each 15 days.


What does TPM think about: Ethnic stereotypes?

Some may find them offensive, racists and annoying while others don't even care about them.
Whenever people think in Japan or China, they start thinking in rice, the eyes of the people of there and their interesting rituals. When people think in Russia they start thinking in communism. If people think in England they also think in polite and nice people drinking tea.

They're everywhere, we live with them, we have to deal with them. For the ones who haven't already known, I'm from Mexico. Wait, let me guess... You started to think in Mustaches, mariachis, tacos and sombreros :P. Personally, I don't see anything offensive or racist if somebody think we use to wear sombreros, ride horses or about the spanish-mexican accent. I mean, it's part of my culture, Right?
This reminded me a big dilemma about a kickass cartoon, Speedy Gonzales. There are many people that think that character is offensive to mexicans because of the folkloric wearing and the accent he has. But regarding of what people out of Mexico say, we love Speedy Gonzales. I mean, it's a mexican mouse that is smart and fast as hell. Why do people think he's so offensive and racist to us?
Ironically, it's rare finding people here wearing sombreros. Again, it's just a stereotype that we have to live up with but that I don't find it offensive.

Ethnic Stereotypes play an important role in the identity of a country, in my opinion. Yeah, I'm aware there are some that are pointless and offensive. I actually meant decent ones, like the ones I mentioned before.

As a geography lover, I love learning about foreigner cultures. I'm saying this because those kinds of stereotypes are based in them. That's why I don't see most of those stereotypes, offensive at all.

I'd like to say that if you dislike stereotypes about your country, try to think about it, just like I did with the ones I mentioned about my country. Typical wearing, food and accent stereotypes ARE NOT offensive or racist. If other people see them in a racist way then it's their own problem. They're part of your identity and you should be proud about them because ACTUALLY, they aren't stereotypes at all, it's your culture. But if you don't like it, well... you're fucked.

"A culture is made -- or destroyed -- by its articulate voices."
- Ayn Rand

What does TPM think about: Ethnic stereotypes?

Posted by ThePigeonMaster - July 1st, 2010

UPDATE - I'm a genre mod now.
Feel free to ask me about flash genres and ratings, too.

Small FAQ about genre modship can be found here.


Small FAQ about icon modship

Q: What's the purpose of having icon mods?
A: Icon mods originally approved icons at the iconhelpers page, but when Tom announced the redesign, one of the new changes in the website will be the new icon size: 140 x 90. Now icon mods have to CREATE the icons for all the flash without icons AND create new ones for the 46 x 46 to the 140 x 90.

Q: Why icon mods don't have a golden aura?
A: We used to have golden auras but since there are PLENTY of icon mods right now (like 45), it could create confusion in the BBS. We neither can't access to the moderators lounge.
So just don't ask for icon modship in your hopes of getting that shiny aura and the access to the forums, Okay?
You'll never get them, so please deal with it.

Q: How can I be an icon mod?
A: These are the requirements:

1) Create at least 10 QUALITY icons (Besides yours in case you have some flash in your account).
2) PM to Tom with the subject "Icon modding" or "Icon helper" with a link to all the icons you've made and include your email in the body of the message.

Yes, becoming an icon mod is an irony to the question established in the FAQ: how does one become a moderator?

Q: Why are you icon "moderators" if you don't exactly "moderate"?
A: We don't moderate like the forum, review, audio and art mods. In fact, neither of them moderate EXACTLY the same way. They have in common by giving out bans to the users who break out specific rules. But icon mods can actually manipulate every single icon of the flash portal.
But let's imagine if somebody uploads an icon with something very unrelated to the flash, with inappropriate content like porn or hentai (Hentai icons are ONLY allowed if the submission is actually a hentai flash), or with something really disturbing, we just got the power to delete it and put another icon instead of that one.
Fortunately, I haven't seen that case for now :)

Q: What will happen after the icons are done?
A: It's mostly sure most of us will get demodded while a few of the current icon mods will reserve their modships to take care for future flashes. So if you want to be an icon mod you must be aware that you MAY lose your modship after a hard work. But please, ask for icon modship if you really want to contribute to the website. I personally joined to the icon mod team because I want to contribute to the launch of the redesign and specially because I've always loved creating icons. Back in the past when the iconhelpers was an active place, I made more than 100 icons.

Q: Is necessary doing a list of the users that icon mods have done?
A: It's not a must, but sure it's handy to keep on track of the icons we have done.




- Me :P
- Bigfoot3290 (Done all icons, except 2)
- Seamonky
- Kde777
- Hacsev
- dec-1310
- e104joker
- HappyHarry (Done 11 icons)
- hexis.
- bob
- liljim
- FireBlazeProductions
- kiwi-kiwi
- Emanhattan
- mad-dave
- ActiveObjectX
- franouis (I don't recommend you in watching his flash :P)
- DariusR
- visionomud
- SwiftSketcher
- Warrier1
- Ozcar
- Yoshi-1up
- Dan-Dark
- ErnestoGod
- Dagio
- Darkar (Done 23 icons)
- Random-Her03
- Golden-Fox
- lenkobiscuit
- dodgyrommer
- Camron23
- KaynSlamdyke
- AdelPiero
- Frederik77
- SpikeVallentine
- wittyhobos
- The-Nut86
- SevenSeize
- araskin500
- Get-lost
- BlazingGamer
- Katoblade
- RowlandRose
- Frenzy
- PopBrain (Done all, except last 3)
- gumOnShoe
- Regret
- TehBoss
- MaxR
- Dasneviano
- Zero-End
- AfroUnderscoreStud (Done 57 icons)
- peterinns
- Ockeroid
- Breaktroll
- rome-lherison
- scottmale24
- Masako-kun
- 123bee (I did the first 102 and reverend did the rest of them)
- boardermike
- GunBooster
- ZombieLennon
- MajinPiccolo
- lucidrine
- NogginAnimations
- HammerWorks
- Psycosis91
- Harito
- SupraNova
- ShadowWhoWalks
- Matrix-DX
- Hornby
- peixeaquatico
- coderedmedia
- killthemouse
- Darklemur
- Skyemaster


- 100th icon: M is Bad!
- 200th icon: SMB: The Key Grab 2
- 300th icon: Vete a la Versh 13
- 400th icon: |~Enemy In The Snow~|
- 500th icon: House of Clocks
- 600th icon: About Trigger Ethics
- 700th icon: Adolf Hitler:CAI493+D 220
- 800th icon: old thing 06
- 900th icon: Pimp my Ferrari California
- 1000th icon: *Hyperanimation! Pilot